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Not just handwashing - it's a sensory journey

Geranium, Orange, White Thyme

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Skin-loving ingredients, sumptuous textures and handcrafted, soul-centering concoctions—all without the hefty price tag

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The Fragrance Collection

Our debut trio of fine fragrance, hand-poured vegan candles seek to elevate mindfulness and melt away mental stress


Affordable Luxury

The Essentials Collection of bodycare uses premium essential oil blends crafted with plant-derived raw ingredients sourced from across the globe, with lush textures that are compatible for all skin types. The Fine Fragrance Collection features specially crafted olfactive blends that come to life in our lovingly hand-poured candles made of vegan coconut soy.

Safe & Sensorial

Made without sulfates, parabens or microplastics, our gentle and luscious bodycare formulas provide thorough cleansing experiences without stripping or drying out the skin, while our candles burn low and slow, soothing the senses with a generous sillage of fine fragrances.

Simply Efficacious

Our fuss-free potions and lotions promise to cleanse and care for your body while leaving unique olfactory veils on skin without the stickiness; our sanitisers disinfect surfaces and refresh face masks with 70% plant-based alcohol content—the optimum percentage to zap germs; and our candles promise to imbue gorgeous aromas through your home.

wy:now is here to zhoosh up your wellness rituals

We make elevated essentials to cleanse your skin and soothe the soul. Think thoughtfully concocted, plant-powered bodycare formulas to keep you fresh, clean and smelling divine from neck-to-toe, with good-for-skin ingredients, sumptuous textures and soul-centering essential oils, while our candles glow with a bouquet of specially blended fine fragrances to suit every mood, season or city you’re dreaming of.

Our Collections

The Essentials Collection

Made with premium essential oil blends crafted with plant-derived raw ingredients sourced from across the globe, this collection turns washing up into wellness rituals with not just your body but your overall wellbeing in mind. Our starting line-up is gentle, efficacious and leaves you feeling elevated with every wash, thanks to four calming and invigorating scents.

The Fragrance Collection

This freshly minted line starts with our candles. We’ve worked with olfactory experts to craft fine fragrance blends inspired by our favourite cities—and seasons. The debut trio transports the senses to London in the freshness of summer, New York scintillating in the fall, and Singapore’s perennially sunny garden city.