Our Story:

"Having your head in the clouds,

even for just a few minutes each day,

is good for your mind,

good for your body,

and also good for your soul."

Don't be afraid to dream,

we didnt.

Who we are
We have got your back, your hands and... everywhere else in between. wy:now is a combination of our names, and the colon—or 2 dots—represents what joins us as co-founders. It also sneaks a peek at the duality of our brand: looking and feeling good, staying at home and being constantly on-the-go, functionality and sensoriality, the essentials and the little luxuries, and getting dirty only to come clean.

What we do
We make elevated essentials to cleanse your skin and soul. And we’re starting with some of today’s most important rituals: Hand washing, cleansing and sanitising on-the-go. Think thoughtfully concocted, plant-powered formulas to keep you fresh, clean and smelling divine from neck-to-toe, with good-for-skin ingredients, sumptuous textures and soul-centering essential oils—all without a hefty price tag. We started this because we want to bridge the gap between drugstore and designer soaps, giving you purposeful but plush formulas at accessible price points. We don’t ever want you to compromise on a lush, bodycare experience.

How we clean
Our formulas have been made from scratch, ensuring that they are efficacious and gentle enough for everyone to use. The luscious lathers of our gel washes inject a level of sumptuousness to hand washing and bath rituals, but for a swift clean in seconds, our hand sanitisers effectively cleanse hands, disinfect surfaces and even help refresh face masks with 70% alcohol content—the optimum percentage to zap germs—and leave a veil of gorgeous scents without any dry or sticky feeling.

Where we'll take you
We couldn’t travel or go to the spa last year, so we figured we would bring all that to us with stimulating scents. We worked with fragrance specialists to concoct blends that would help invigorate, soothe, ground and revitalise the senses, and our high quality essential oils have been sourced from across the globe—from Italian bergamot and clary sage and bitter orange from France, to patchouli from India, eucalyptus from China and lavender from Bulgaria. We’ve housed our products in eco-conscious packaging, so you can reuse, refill or recycle our bottles. We believe you should take pleasure in the little moments of the everyday, even the act—and art—of hand washing. We want to take care of your skin, but we want to take care of your self-care too.

We love feeling and looking good, just as much as we love smelling pretty divine too.